Let us create or modernize your online presence! We can make your small business look like a big one with:

  • Registered Domain
    • i.e. yourcompany.com
  • Professional Looking Web Site
    • i.e. https://www.yourcompany.com
    • Your colors, your logo, your brand!
    • Services, Recent Projects, Testimonials
  • Email accounts tied to your domain for you and your employees
    • i.e. yourname@yourcompany.com
    • Steer away from generic gmail.com and yahoo.com accounts that screams small operator!
    • Automated responses
  • We can help you integrate and synchronize your web site with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
    • Simplify your updates, change once, update everywhere!
  • YouTube channel for your video content

Registering your own domain and hosting a web site used to be expensive but that’s no longer the case! We’ll help you select a provider and hosting plan that fits your needs. There is no need to buy any hardware, no expensive licenses, we use cloud providers on a pay-as-you go model with no long-term commitment.

Best of all, YOU own your online presence. All registration and hosting contracts are in your name and you will never lose control of your online identity! We charge a one-time fee to set-up your online presence. From there, you can maintain it yourself, or we can take care of it for you for fixed monthly fee under a managed services agreement.

Establishing your online presence is essential to engage with potential new customers. It’s also a first step towards owning your data and leveraging collaborative suites to improve your processes and increase employees’ productivity.