Under a managed services contract, we can take over the day-2-day operations of selected technology assets, allowing you to focus on your core business.

  • We can proactively monitor physical assets and quickly initiate repairs, reducing down-time and increasing productivity
  • We can monitor your cloud solutions and initiate early remediation with the providers, again reducing down-time
  • We can ensure your data is protected in case of hardware failure, human error or cyber-attack
  • We can take care of the tedious maintenance of applying patches and installing upgrades
  • We can analyze and optimize your systems to make the most out of what you have
  • We can help track your assets life cycle and proactively repair key systems before they fail.
  • We can provide technical expertise and eliminate the need to have experts on staff
  • We can provide user or customer assistance and support, during business and/or extended business hours

Our managed services agreement are structured via a master service agreement (MSA) and individual statement of works (SOW). We periodically review SOWs with you to ensure you get the most value out of our managed services.