Customer was consolidating floor with the intent of subleasing some of their unused space. They had a tenant and the contract was signed when someone finally realized they had a major issue: their server room was on one of the floor being vacated and now they had less than 30 days to move out!

We came to their rescue with the following plan:

  • We evaluated and selected a “co-location” provider in their area
  • We negotiated a 5-year lease, including internet access, for less than it would have cost to move their existing server room (HVAC, Fire suppressing systems, etc).
  • We activated the co-location and reconfigured their network, firewalls and VPN to allow seamless communications between the co-location and their primary location
  • Over a weekend, relocated the entire content of their server room (20+ physical devices) to the co-location, and validated that all services and applications were working as usual

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