Dominic Giroux, President

Dominic has been involved with technology for over 30 years.  He’s a strong technologist with a background in software programming in the Telecommunications industry, developing large-scale, low-latency, highly available real-time systems. He pairs this with extensive business experience in Enterprise Architecture, IT management and leadership. He has provided guidance and direction to large teams of programmers, service desks and engineers, leveraging technology to support complex business processes across several physical locations. He has been involved with all aspects of computer technology, teams and project management in companies both big and small.  

He maintains extensive contacts with architects, software developers, technicians and engineers which he can leverage to quickly bring you the right solutions. With his partners, he keeps up with current trends, thus bringing you the most modern, most cost-effective technology solutions that meet your needs, within your budget.

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Craig Turner, Infrastructure Specialist

Craig is an ardent pursuer of efficiency in anything he does. His military background imbued him with discipline and love for good processes. His IT career has developed impressive technical skills across the entire infrastructure spectrum. He brings creativity in his solutions and rigor in their implementation. He’s the guy you want in the field with you when hell breaks lose and the project is on the line.

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