Customers had 4 separate service desk teams (PC and user support) servicing 5 locations. Each team was understaffed and they were looking to consolidate to limit costs and offer better quality of service.

Only 2 of the teams had ticketing systems, but both were outdated, with no local expertise and end-users were not satisfied.

We recommended deploying JIRA Service Desk. As part of the project we:

  • Deployed a single redundant instance of Jira and Confluence
  • Integrated it with 5 domains using LDAP
  • Created support projects for each location, but using a consistent set of issue types and workflows, making it possible for agents at each location to “back each other up”
  • We implemented Confluence spaces and linked them to Jira Service Desk as “Knowledge Bases”, making it possible for users to self-diagnose and resolve some of their issues.
  • We deployed mail handlers to leverage existing “support” email addresses, while training users on the advantages of using Jira Service Desk web portal
  • We later extended the use of Jira Service Desk to non-IT teams providing support or services to the users, such as Facilities, Marketing and HR.
  • In total, we deployed Jira / Confluence to 20+ teams and 4,000+ end-users

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