Customer was using an older version of Exchange running on 5+ years old server. Users were suffering frequent interruptions due to insufficient hardware resources and storage failures. Same with their SharePoint instances.

The customer could not afford replacing the hardware, so we recommended a migration to Microsoft’s O365 SaaS cloud (Software-as-a-Service).

As part of the project, we:

  • Registered an Office 365 tenant for the customer and linked their domain to Microsoft’s cloud, including Azure Active Directory
  • Set-up replication of the user mailboxes to Office 365 to “warm” the cloud accounts.
  • Scheduled a weekend maintenance window where we disabled the on-premise accounts, performed a final replication, and cut-over to the O365 mailboxes
  • A similar approach was used to migrate their SharePoint sites.

Overall, their systems were down for less than 4 hours outside of business hours, and we migrated the customer to a cloud solution with higher availability and reliability with no significant up-front costs.

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